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Roll Collection

Using the dough from our signature breads, we've created a collection of rolls that are sure to be the perfect compliment to your meal. All are shaped by hand and made in the traditional German style with a nice hard crust on the outside and soft on the inside.

Plain Cut Roll: The brötchen (cut roll) is a traditional German roll, known for the scoring along its top that allows it to expand during baking. Organic flour, extra virgin olive oil.

Multiseed Roll: Combines doughs from our fitness bread and cut roll.

Vollkorn Roll: A combination of our brötchen dough and Russian rye dough, topped with steel cut oats.

Raisin Roll or Sweet Mouse: The unique sweetness will leave you wondering if it’s a roll or a pastry. When our bakers are feeling frisky, they are shaped to look like a mouse with the raisins for eyes. Organic flour, olive oil, eggs, vanilla, lemon, salt, raisins.  

Sesame Roll: Our brötchen with sesame seed topping added.

Poppy Seed RollOur brötchen with poppy seed topping added.

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